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Product comparison

Basic Managed: coming soon Local Deployment (API)
Monthly fee Free Coming Soon Bespoke
Setup costs None None Custom
Proof Storage costs None None None
Proof of Existence
Proof of Integrity
Document privacy
Publicly auditable proofs
Source code available
Timestamping history

(You’ll need to track your activity and timestamping)

History in downloadable table provided.

History would be part of localised solution.
Metamask required
Need to own cryptocurrency Yes, Ethereum No Yes
Reliance on a 3rd party None Partial
Your RockProof account provides membership benefits
Networks to seal to Ethereum Ethereum, EOS, Bitcoin
For additional security
Files per transaction
(what is a transaction?)
1 100 Unlimited
Transaction fee
(what is a transaction?)
± $0.01 * Fixed and guaranteed for a chosen period Custom
(no login required)

Your RockProof account provides membership benefits

To facilitate local implementation / APIs etc.
Blockchain / Cryptocurrency knowledge required
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* Transaction fees are paid directly to the miners

Take your documents and create a digital fingerprint

Features: Locally Deployed Solution

Completely independent

You can use the solution locally and completely independent of website or any 3rd party, such as a timestamping authority provider.

API capability

You can automate timestamping by connecting it with your other systems using a simple API.

Source code

You can modify RockProof if required, as you’ll be granted a copy of the source code with the license to freely modify.

No ongoing fees

We do not charge any recurring fees. It does not matter if you timestamp 1 or millions of files.

Customer support

We offer 1 hour of dedicated customer support to help you deploy and use RockProof independently within your organization. If you need more time than this, it is $200.00/hour and subject to availability.

Lifetime updates

Any future updates to the version of RockProof you’ve purchased will be available to you free of charge.

Features: Managed Solution

Software as a service

Runs under your account in your browser, protected by username and password.

Optional: No need for cryptocurrency

You can opt-in to top up your account and pay for transactions in your local currency.

Optional: No need for Metamask or wallets

You don’t need to learn how to operate a cryptocurrency wallet, store your private keys or wallet seeds.

Multiple blockchains

You can store your proofs in multiple blockchains (Ethereum, EOS, Bitcoin) for increased security and persistency.

API capability

You can automate timestamping by connecting it with your other systems using a simple API.

Timestamping history

You don’t need to track the history of using Rockproof independently. We maintain the audit trail for you.