Introducing RockProof

The ultimate irrefutable, document-secure Audit Trail!
A TimeStamping, Proof of Existence and Proof of Integrity solution that

What are Timestamps or Proofs of Existence?

A timestamp proves that a document existed in a certain form at a certain point in time. Timestamps are often referred to as “proofs of existence”.

Enshrine any document

Supports all types of files, such as contracts, photos, video or audio files.

Proof of Integrity

Indisputable proof that a document’s content has not changed since it was timestamped.

Privacy Centric

The documents/files never leave your device, network and control.


The proofs remain stored, for free, indefinitely (or as long as the underlying blockchain exists).

How does RockProof document enshrining and validation work?

The RockProof local app takes your documents and creates a digital fingerprint of each file individually using a so called Hash function, combines them into a structure called the Merkle Tree, calculates a final hash called Merkle Tree Root and finally writes this final proof into the public Ethereum blockchain, where it remains immutably for as long as Ethereum will exist.

Use Cases

Digital Identity & sovereignty

How do I use an online services without exposing my personal information to the application / service provider whom I may not (choose / need to) trust ?

Deal Room integrity

Is the document I’m reading identical to the one that was issued when I invested?

Regulatory reporting / Audit trail

Prove that your documents existed and have not been modified.

Gambling / Betting / Lottery insurance

What bets were made during the applicable insured period?

Auctions and tenders

Was this offer truly submitted at the time claimed and can I be sure that its  content wasn’t manipulated?

Electronic Signatures

Was this document truly signed at the indicated date?

Evidence audit trail

Has this file changed since it has been issued/sent/received?

Car insurance

Has the audit trail of service checks been manipulated?

Has my dash-cam video footage been tampered with since being recorded?

Property insurance

What state was the building in when I became its owner?

E.g. Capturing photos of state of the property for later claims, dealing with deposits etc.

Charitable donations

How do I know funds were used for their intended purpose?

E.g. Track evidence of use of funds when they were incurred or paid.

AML / KYC Compliance

Can I prove, that I had collected KYC / AML documentation before dealing with a customer and that this documentation hasn’t changed?

IP / Evidence of creatorship

Can I prove that I was in possession of that music / image / video file before it was published elsewhere?


Do you work in an industry prone to litigation? Do you need to have certain facts, events, assets or activities documented and proven to exist at a particular time?

Wills, Probate and Inheritance

Document all your assets (art, wine, cars, jewelry, real estate etc.) and update the list periodically to maintain a tamper-proof audit of integrity..

Take your documents and create a digital fingerprint